Sunday, April 8, 2007

Child Youth Family " CYFS"

Hi all
If you have ended up here I hope it is because you come via my webpage which is:

Disclaimer: Material published on this blog does not necessarily mean an endorsement of the material by Graeme Axford. I offer no guarantee of, nor accept any responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of information published on this site. I reserve the right to amend, alter, edit, or delete any information that is either submitted for publishing on this blog , or subsequently published by me on this blog from elsewhere., Complaints regarding any material published on this website may be forwarded to for consideration.

I will not allow foul language on this webpage or overly offensive comments, towards anyone.Please stick to the topic this is not a CYFs name and shame blog there are many others who do that. I want to remain on topic with the issues outlined in my webpage for which this blog exists.
As there seems to be great debate over what’s offensive, the easy way to sort it out is if the people mentioned email me complaining then I will consider removing the content.
I have removed about 80, but will not do that any longer. CYFS, the MSD and Minister Ruth Dyson are very aware the blog is up as I told them long in advance I made them the offer to publish their views unedited, amended or abridged. That offer still stands.


Graeme Axford

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